Blog Startup – Proven Tips to Build a Website With Traffic and Income

The Blog Startup: How to Launch Smartly and Exponentially Expand Your Income, Brand, and Membership Without Losing Your Sense of Sanity Or Crying Barrelloads of Sweats This eBook by Craig McConaghy will not only teach you how to build your own business, it will also show you the right way to market your blog so that you can achieve your goals. Craig has had a very successful career in the online arena and now is a highly sought after writer. If you are a professional blogger who wants to create a blog for money, this eBook is for you!

Blog Startup

He has written this book to help other people get started on a successful blog as well. The reason this book is called The Blog Startup is because Craig knows the ins and outs of building a blog. He knows what goes into each step of the process, he knows how to get traffic from the search engines, he knows how to get targeted readership, he knows what keywords and phrases to use, and he knows how to manage and maintain a blog throughout its life cycle. He does all this from experience. He has used the internet to make millions of dollars while building hundreds of blogs with his name on them. He has the experience that you need to make your dreams come true and achieve success. There are hundreds of books out there that will give you information that you already know, but not the knowledge that Craig has.

Craig has done all of this just from building his own successful blog. He knows what he is doing. If you are thinking about blogging for a living, this is the one for you! I highly recommend that you take a look at this book right away if you have an interest in blogging and Internet marketing. I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid foundation for their first blog. You won’t be disappointed!