What Is Pure Gold?

There are many ways to describe gold; all of them mean the same thing –¬†pure gold! One of the most popular terms for this precious metal is gold bullion. A pure karat gold bar is 24 carats by weight, and 100% pure karat gold is pure, unadulterated gold.

pure gold

To get the pure karat gold content of a piece of jewelry when it is described as pure karat, multiply the amount of karat by 100 and divide that number by 24. For instance, a twenty-four carat pure karat gold bar is fifty percent pure gold, or twenty-four karat gold bars per ounce. That is quite a bit more than one-hundred grams of pure gold per ounce. This means that some people may think that their piece of jewelry is indeed pure gold, but what they may not realize is that the pureness of the gold has been diluted.

In order to be assured of pure karat gold jewelry, you need to know where the gold came from. For the most part, it comes from gold mines around the world. These mines take a lot of energy to dig up and process the gold, and this energy can be very dangerous if it isn’t properly harnessed. If a company doesn’t feel comfortable with the environment where their gold mines are located, or if they aren’t aware of how to responsibly mine the gold, then the pureness of the gold may be compromised.

When people talk about pure karat gold jewelry, they are usually referring to jewelry that was made in South America, China, India, Malaysia, and Tanzania. The best pure karat gold jewelry is made from these countries because the gold from these countries is free of contaminants, which means that the jewelry won’t contain any foreign elements and that the jewelry is made from 100% pure gold, and no impurities have been introduced to the gold through manufacturing or mining processes.

Pure gold does have its drawbacks, however. Due to its unique composition, pure karat jewelry can lose up to thirty-five percent of its original value over time, which is actually less than the depreciation of other materials that are made out of pure metal such as platinum and sterling silver.

If you are interested in purchasing pure jewelry, be sure to check the labels carefully. When looking at a pure karat gold bar, make sure that you know the bar’s weight and the exact content of pure karat gold contained within it. You may want to read the labels on several pieces of gold to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

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